Legal Video



At Southeastern Legal Video, we use professional Sony 3-chip Digital DVCAM Cameras along

with professionally mixed Sony lavaliere microphones for each participant in the deposition.  

We also utilize a portable neutral background to give the finished production a clean, crisp look. 


In addition to deposition video, we offer legal video services to capture Day-in-the-Life documentaries,

Settlement and Mediation Documentaries, Site Inspections, Focus Groups, Mock Juries, Affidavits and Video Will



Your video will be delivered on the format of your choice including: Data CD, DVD-Video, or professional

DVCAM / Mini-DV within our standard 3 business day turnaround. We retain your video content for no less

than 7 years should you need additional or replacement copies in the future.



Southeastern Legal Video provides trial consulting and presentation services using the

industry-leading software. We help you develop a presentation that incorporates digital

documents, photographs, multimedia demonstratives, synchronized deposition video and any other digital files

produced by your experts.


With over 15 years of experience organizing and presenting evidence in State and Federal courts,

mediations and arbitrations throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Louisiana and

Tennessee, we have the knowledge it takes to follow applicable Rules of Procedure and to integrate

seamlessly with court personnel. We pride ourselves in being to adapt to changing courtroom environments,

as well as being prepared for unexpected contingencies.

                                                                                                                                                  Southeastern Legal Video will organize your case with InData's TrialDirector® Suite. This powerful database

is specifically designed for the challenges of legal presentation. TrialDirector® goes far beyond the capabilities

of general presentation software packages by allowing you to annotate documents, perform projection zooms,

interact with complimentary software applications and digitally edit your deposition video with synchronized

transcript references.


With your presentation in place, we go to work selecting the appropriate equipment to install in the courtroom

or conference room being used.  We rent projectors, LCD Flat-Panel monitors, screens, cabling, document

cameras, switches,distribution amplifiers and any other specialized equipment you may need.  This equipment

insures that all of the key players involved in your case will have clear unobstructed views of the documents

and video content you are showing.

  Our Services Include:

Trial Presentation featuring TrialDirector® software

Legal Videography

Video Depositions

Video Editing

Settlement Video / Mediation Documentary

Focus Group / Mock Jury Videotaping

Day-in-the Life  Footage

Construction Site Video Survey / Inspection

Client testimonials for your website

Videotape Conversion to CD/DVD

Video-to-Text Synchronization

DepoView® Editable Video Discs 

Audio Enhancement / Editing

Video & Audio Cassette Duplication

Equipment Rental for Trial

Equipment Installation in the Courtroom

Document Scanning

TrialDirector Suite ® Software Training

Microsoft PowerPoint® Presentations / Opening & Closing Statements

"13th Juror" Feedback

X-Ray Digitization (using medical grade film digitizers)

Complimentary Notary Public Services (State of Alabama)


                                   This list may not include every technological need that you may encounter. 

                       If you have a specific need not listed above, let us know and we will utilize our resources

                                                       to provide a solution to meet your needs.


                                       TrialDirector® Screen Shots                  Timeliner Express®




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