Based in Birmingham, AL, we serve the State of Alabama and the Southeastern U.S.A.

Legal Video

Video Depositions / Trial Presentation / Video Editing


Southeastern Legal Video is committed to providing the legal community with an array of technological services to help maximize your client's message, whether it is communicated during an arbitration, mediation, hearing, mock trial or trial. 

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we provide dynamic video and computerized presentations that enhance testimony and paper exhibits to their fullest potential.

 Our legal video services maximize the impact of legal cases by providing the facts in a familiar format that can be understood and retained by the jury.  

 All of our video services utilize professional 3-chip Sony digital cameras and professional microphone mixers to produce high-quality video and audio productions.

After the discovery process is completed, we incorporate your testimony, documents, photographs, demonstratives, multimedia and expert findings into a polished litigation database using the TrialDirector SuiteĀ® from InData or Sanction IIĀ® from Verdict Systems.

As litigation cases have become more complex, legal firms and attorneys have found a need to plead their client's case in an effective, convincing and compelling manner.  Our trial presentation services provide visual and auditory enhancement through the use of projection screens, monitors, audio speakers and laptop computers.

We pride ourselves on having the technical AND courtroom experience to present your case.  Ask your potential trial presenters how many trials, mediations, mock trials and arbitrations they have been in.  This is the true indicator of technical competence.

Contact us to learn how we can help maximize your client's message whether it be through electronic documents, audio or video. 

For an in-depth presentation of our Trial Presentation Services, call Joey Watson at 205.871.4300 or email at .

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